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SINCE 2017

Being one of the fastest growing companies in the best spanish brands 2017 is not a small feat. seat has been know in Egypt for a long time and its jumped back to the top with its latest models, making its cars the right choice for us to bring back…


SINCE 2015

SSANGYONG knows how to make one of the few cars that fit almost everyone in Egypt, with its durability, reliability that matches its value perfectly, making it one of the best candidates to stand in our branches along with our remarkable brands.

SINCE 2015

Known for its strength and value through JAC’s cost-efficient strategies, we had a vision that it would be most fitting here.JAC is one of the smartest brands in terms of seeking the global best as the design of the interior is japanese, the design of the exertior is italian, and…

SINCE 2013

 Citroën has made its mark through its bold and creative approach to automotive design. These values are harnessed in the pursuit of well-being, with fresh solutions to the changing demands of customers in each era.

SINCE 2013

For those who look for Volvo’s best-known feature; safety we presented it properly. They invented a whiplash protection system and a curtain airbag to outbest safety measurements to roam Egypt.

SINCE 2010

Peugeot cars are mesmerizing with its unique and smooth look. Demonstrating great comfort with vast interior design and a silent petrol engine, made us present it. Egyptians appreciate these features and we knew that it would deliver the experience they sought.

SINCE 1994

Known for their focus on value, we transitioned the local trust of ours to the international Skoda be one of Egypt’s most suitable cars since 1994.They offer VW-engineered cars for thousands of pounds less than the equivalent.VW has made Skoda one of Europe’s bestselling brands.